This website has been designed and developed following the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which are intended to guarantee the rights of each person to have full access to information and communication technology. Particular care has been taken to adopt measures that ensure people with functional diversity can access information under equal conditions, irrespective of their personal circumstances.    

Accessibility guidelines

  • Use of XHTML code, which allows standard documents to be created with a clean structure.
  • Use of CSS positioning to create layouts without tables. Semantic code structure. Screen readers for visually impaired and blind users that read the document in a logical order.
  • Alternative descriptions of images.
  • The use of JavaScript is possible, but not mandatory. Always offer an alternative to users who have JavaScript disabled or older versions without DOM support.

Navigate without using the mouse: keyboard shortcuts

If you need to increase the text size, you can use the browser tools. Press the Ctrl and + keys to increase the size of the content displayed on the screen. You can do this as many times as you need. Press the Ctrl and - keys to shrink the content displayed on the screen. Press Ctrl and 0 to return to the original size. Summary:

  • Ctrl and "+" to increase the content size
  • Ctrl and "-" to increase the content size
  • Ctrl and 0 to return to the original size

In addition to the browser tools, the Intercat website offers a number of keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate the most commonly accessed content without having to use the mouse. These keyboard shortcuts are faster, more comfortable and help improve accessibility for users with visual or motor impairments.

The key combinations vary according to the browser and operating system you are using:

  • Chrome with Windows: Alt
  • Chrome with Mac: Ctrl and Opt (⌥)
  • Chrome with Linux (Ubuntu): Alt
  • Firefox: Alt and Shift key (⇧)
  • Internet Explorer / Edge: Alt

In addition to the key required by your browser and operating system, press the following keys to access browser tools and key sections:

  • a: Page on accessibility
  • b: Website map
  • c: Direct access to the main content of each page
  • h: Home page
  • i: Direct access to the language selector. Then use the Tab (↹) key to choose your desired language.
  • l: Legal notice
  • n: Direct access to the main menu. Then use the Tab (↹) key to move around the menu.
  • o: Contact
  • p: FAQs
  • r: Resources
  • u: Courses


The links on the page have been made meaningful out of context so the user can scan them.

The only links that open other windows are external links or links to documents. These links will only open in a new window if you have JavaScript enabled. Otherwise, they will open in the same window.

Visual design

The style guide for the Intercat website was drawn up in line with recommendations on colour contrast for accessibility, and complies with AA accessibility guidelines on colour. However, if you use Opera or Firefox you can access alternative colour combinations by selecting the Page Style option from the View menu.