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The majority of citizens in Catalonia are fluent in its two official languages, Catalan and Spanish. (The third official language is Occitan, known as Aranese in the Aran Valley.)


"I understand perfectly that I'm living somewhere where the people speak Catalan and not just Spanish. And I like being able to surprise people with the fact that although I'm foreign, I speak their language and I want to learn about their culture."

Language exchange

I live in Catalonia

We provide you with all of the information you need to have a detailed overview of this big puzzle that is Catalonia, a place where linguistic and cultural diversity are present wherever you go. We also want to show you all of the recreational activities on offer here, as well as the main festivals.

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Lingcat will help you to understand the sociolinguistic reality of Catalonia and specifically the situation of contact between languages.

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6 perspectives

6 perspectives help you understand the Catalan character. A series of lectures aimed generally at all universities outside Catalonia.

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Barcelona Youth

Find out essential facts about Barcelona: culture, bars, shops, trends, excursions and plenty of other useful information!

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Catalonia and the world

Do you want to discover and contrast cultural aspects of Catalonia with other European countries?

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International students at the UB are on the move

Visita al refugi antiaeri de la plaça del Diamant

Next activity: Barcelona 7/3/2017

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Have you got a language exchange partner? Would you like to go out with your partner and other UPF students?

Visita al turó de la Rovira, al turó del Carmel i al Parc Güell + esmorzar internacional de fi de trimestre

Next activity: Barcelona 11/3/2017

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Barbecue of calçots cooked on the grill and dipped in a sauce, the principal ingredients of which are crushed hazelnuts, almonds, roasted garlic, toasted bread, oil and red pepper.