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Of the13.5 million people that live in a Catalan-speaking environment, over 9 million speak the language and 11 million understand it.


"I really enjoy learning Catalan so that I can integrate into Catalan society and so that I can speak to my neighbours and friends more easily. I am doing a master's degree in Telecommunications and I would really like to defend my final project in Catalan, not only because it is a challenge for me but also because I really like the language and I like communicating with Catalans in their own language."

Language exchange

I learned Catalan

Language exchanges. Enjoy the experience!

To take part in language exchanges at your university, all you need is to be in the mood for a chat and learning about a new culture.
Roberto and Joaquim, Benedek and Petra, Estel and Petr, Sandra and Karolina talk about the intiative and their experience of it. Lisa and Maitane tell us about language volunteering, while Joan talks about the online exchange.
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International students at the UB are on the move

Visita al refugi antiaeri de la plaça del Diamant

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Have you got a language exchange partner? Would you like to go out with your partner and other UPF students?

Visita al turó de la Rovira, al turó del Carmel i al Parc Güell + esmorzar internacional de fi de trimestre

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