Open yourself to the world

At the Catalan universities you will meet people from all over the world. Have you ever thought about cultural differences in terms of all of us living together and getting organised?

This section provides you with tools for managing cultural diversity that can help you interact effectively with people from other cultures and countries.

Get interacting

  • A diverse world. Intercultural guide

    A diverse world. Intercultural guide

    Level: cultural content. Version in Catalan. Intermediate-high level.

    Aims: a short guide with a practical focus to reflect on the similarities and differences between cultures and countries in ways of living and organising life.

    Skills: reading comprehension, intercultural skills.

    Mode of study: virtual.

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  • Test d'Obertura Lingüística

    Test d'Obertura Lingüística

    Level: no specific level is required.

    Aims: enable participants to better understand linguistic diversity, give them clues on how to best enjoy it and offer them a fun way to open their minds to the world of languages and language learning.

    Skills: multicultural and multilingual knowledge.

    Mode of study: online questionnaire.

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  • Intercultural Openness Test

    Intercultural Openness Test

    Level: no specific level is required.

    Aims: enables users to determine their level of intercultural skill in an enjoyable way.

    Skills: experience the intercultural skills of the university community and raise awareness and increase language diversity.

    Mode of study: online

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  • Decalogue. Be linguistically sustainable

    Decalogue. Be linguistically sustainable

    Level: no specific level is required.

    Aims: promote the sustainability of the university community's linguistic diversity. It is available in a variety of languages.

    Skills: learn to appreciate the richness of linguistic diversity, promote linguistic sustainability.

    Mode of study: online.

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  • Video "Be linguistically sustainable”

    Video "Be linguistically sustainable”

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