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The majority of citizens in Catalonia are fluent in its two official languages, Catalan and Spanish. (The third official language is Occitan, known as Aranese in the Aran Valley.)


Anna Maria did a language tandem with Irma "I got to know lots of people on this programme and was able to practice two foreign languages. I am very happy to have taken part in the UdG tandems programme."

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Visita al refugi antiaeri de la plaça del Diamant

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Visita al turó de la Rovira, al turó del Carmel i al Parc Güell + esmorzar internacional de fi de trimestre

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Figurine appearing on the outskirts of the Christmas manger scene in a defecating position; a tradition in Catalonia and Valencia, popular belief is that the figure is intended as a symbol of fertility for the land and thus prosperity throughout the year.