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Catalan is the standard language used in administrative and teaching activities at Catalan universities.


"I enrolled for the Catalan course because I wanted to learn the language of Catalonia. I can also do a Catalan course when I go back to England, in the last year of my degree, and I wanted to know a little bit before I started."

Language exchange


Lingcat is a website on the Catalan language with the aim of resolving the main questions concerning the sociolinguistic situation in Catalonia and the territories in which Catalan is spoken, and the way this situation is reflected in university life.

Lingcat can also be helpful for anyone who, prior to arriving in Catalonia or when they have just arrived, wants to find a quick source of information on the current situation of Catalan.

Did you know?

  • Catalan is a Romanesque language, that is, it belongs to the group of languages that developed from Latin.
  • The official language of the Catalan universities is Catalan.
  • Catalan is the standard language used in administrative and teaching activities at Catalan universities.
  • Students from exchange programmes share classrooms with Catalan students.
  • The welcome programmes in place at all the universities include welcome sessions, Catalan language learning, the opportunity to have a language partner with whom to practice the language being learned or the opportunity to take part in outings.
  • The media in the Catalan-speaking area normally use Catalan.
  • The majority of universities have information on their sociolinguistic reality on the Internet.
  • Of the13.5 million people that live in a Catalan-speaking environment, over 9 million speak the language and 11 million understand it.
  • Approximately 60% of the classes given at Catalan universities are given in Catalan. The language in which each course is taught is public information and appears in the teaching guides.
  • The majority of citizens in Catalonia are fluent in its two official languages, Catalan and Spanish. (The third official language is Occitan, known as Aranese in the Aran Valley.)
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