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The official language of the Catalan universities is Catalan.


"Because I wanted to learn about Catalan culture, the people and everyday life. Barcelona is a very interesting city because it has its own language, a language that identifies the people from here. I like learning new languages."

Language exchange

Catalan abroad

If you would like to be in contact with the Catalan language outside of Catalonia, you can do so through the University Network of Catalan Studies Abroad or through any of the Catalan Communities Abroad located around the world.

University Network of Catalan Studies Abroad

L'Institut Ramon Llull (Ramon Llull Institute) promotes the study of the Catalan language and culture at foreign universities, through agreements which they sign to implement or consolidate Catalan studies, and gives support to universities, professors and students through various programmes and grants. More than 150 universities all over the world offer courses in Catalan studies, which are organised by the University Network of Catalan Studies Abroad, coordinated by Institut Ramon Llull. This institute also promotes advanced studies and research on the Catalan language and culture through the schools and professorships of visiting lecturers at prestigious universities, organises the exams to assess and certify the level of Catalan of those from outside Catalonia, foments the training of teachers specialised in teaching Catalan as a foreign language and supports actions aimed at students to help them complete their language training. There are currently 6,000 university students throughout the world learning Catalan.

Further information:

Catalan Communities Abroad

The Catalan Communities Abroad play an important role in giving Catalonia greater international presence: they make the Catalan region, culture and language better known the world over. Furthermore, the Catalan Communities Abroad contribute to creating an associative fabric in the area in which they are active and, thanks to the activities they organise and the relationships they establish, they bring the Catalan culture closer to the people.

You can find these organisations on the map of the world showing all of the Catalan Communities Abroad.

You can also find them on the list of Catalan Communities Abroad below.

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