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Available for smartphones in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Aranese and Hebrew.
Available online in Basque, Galician, Aranese, Greek, Arabic, Berber, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Polish and Hebrew.

Eines Basic Catalan course

An online Catalan survival course aimed specifically at foreign students and set in a university context. Take a look!

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Language exchanges. Enjoy the experience!

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What is Intercat?

It is a collection of electronic resources for learning about Catalan language and culture, specially designed for students on mobility programmes who are visiting Catalan universities.

What I want to know

Do you want to know how to get an official Catalan certificate? Want to see past exam papers? Do you know how to find a language exchange partner? For these or other doubts, go to What I want to know.

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Have you got a language exchange partner? Would you like to go out with your partner and other UPF students?

Ruta de tradicions de Nadal a Catalunya

Next activity: Barcelona 2/12/2015

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International students at the UB are on the move

Visita al Parlament de Catalunya

Next activity: Barcelona 13/12/2016

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International students at the UIC are on the move

International Christmas Party

Inscripcions: u-cat@uic.es
Where? Campus Barcelona i Campus Sant Cugat
When? 13/12/2016 Campus Barcelona i 14/12/2016 Campus Sant Cugat

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Ets voluntari lingüístic de la UdL? Ets estudiant de mobilitat de la UdL?

Sopar de Nadal

Sopar de Nadal
Campus de Cappont de la UdL, 21.30 h - 14/12/2016

Es tracta que els estudiants de mobiltat (individualment o en grups de 3 o 4) cuinin un plat típic del seu lloc d'origen i el portin al sopar. El voluntariat lingüístic hi posarà les postres i tota la logística i mostrarà als estudiants de fora com són les nostres tradicions nadalenques: nadales, cagar el tronc... esperem que els estudiants forans també ens ensenyin com celebren aquestes dates.

Did you know...

The media in the Catalan-speaking area normally use Catalan.

We're waiting for you in the Language Services!

We're waiting for you in the Language Services!

I'm hooked on Catalonia

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