• Botifarra

    Sausage made by stuffing the casing of an animal’s intestine with minced meat, usually pork, spices and salt.

    (Grilled sausages in a wooden bowl. Photo by User:Salimfadhley)

  • Caganer

    Figurine appearing on the outskirts of the Christmas manger scene in a defecating position; a tradition in Catalonia and Valencia, popular belief is that the figure is intended as a symbol of fertility for the land and thus prosperity throughout the year.

  • Calçot

    Green onion shoot specially grown to be eaten charbroiled on the grill.

    (Calçots i salsa romesco. Autor: Txapulín / Txapulín Font:

  • Calçotada

    Barbecue of calçots cooked on the grill and dipped in a sauce, the principal ingredients of which are crushed hazelnuts, almonds, roasted garlic, toasted bread, oil and red pepper.

    (Calçots a la graella Date=2003. Author: Roger Rué. Source: Own Work)

  • Castell

    A human tower of varying dimensions and heights, formed by a rising circle of castellers standing on each other’s shoulders, common to certain local town festivals.

    (3 de 10 dels Castellers de Vilafranca. Copyleft Creative Commons License From the web:

  • Casteller -a

    Person who takes part in the construction of a castell (human tower).

  • Correfoc

    Street game in which the whole town runs to escape from the fireworks and sparks thrown by dragons, devils and other fantasy characters.

    (Image from the Correfoc. Author:Dave Morris.)

  • Esqueixada

    Salad made of shredded cod or tuna, lettuce, tomato, olives, and other ingredients.

    (Esqueixada, catalan cod salad. Source:

  • La Mercè

    Name of the official holiday celebrating the local festival of city of Barcelona, connected to the feast day of Mare de Déu de la Mercè (Our Lady of Mercy) —the patron saint of Barcelona— held on 24 September.

    Gigantes en la Fiesta de La Mercè. Author:

  • Samfaina

    Ratatouille, made with slices of red and green pepper, tomato, aubergine, onion and courgette.

  • Sant Jordi

    Patron saint of Catalonia, a fact that is celebrated on 23 April. The day of Sant Jordi (Saint George) is also the “Day of the Book” and of roses.

  • Sardana

    Catalan dance involving an undetermined number of dancers who form a circle holding hands.