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Students from exchange programmes share classrooms with Catalan students.


Antonio did a language tandem with Neus "This has been a very important activity because I learned lots more about Catalan culture and language. I also had fun with my tandem partner and I am pleased because I was able to help her improve her spoken Italian."

Language exchange

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We know that you are arriving in a new place and are just beginning to settle somewhere with different people and customs, but we want you to feel at home.

With the language exchange service and our language volunteers, you will learn Catalan while making friends.

Oh, and... welcome to Catalonia!


Interuniversity Agenda

We don't want you to get bored! Outings, activities, events... so that you learn Catalan while discovering Catalonia in the company of students from other universities.

Have fun!

Language exchange

Do you want to do a conversation exchange with Catalan and another language with foreign students at your university?

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Language volunteers

Do you want to provide linguistic and cultural support to students taking part in exchange programmes at your university?

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80 pistes. Guia de butxaca per a una bona estada.

I want to understand the Catalans!

A pocket guide with 80 tips on the customs and workings of Catalan society.

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Welcome to Catalonia!

A collection of varied materials to help with the sociolinguistic and cultural integration of foreign students.

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I learned Catalan

Experiences of exchange students who have learned Catalan.

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International students at the UB are on the move

Visita al refugi antiaeri de la plaça del Diamant

Next activity: Barcelona 7/3/2017

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Have you got a language exchange partner? Would you like to go out with your partner and other UPF students?

Visita al turó de la Rovira, al turó del Carmel i al Parc Güell + esmorzar internacional de fi de trimestre

Next activity: Barcelona 11/3/2017

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Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi

Patron saint of Catalonia, a fact that is celebrated on 23 April. The day of Sant Jordi (Saint George) is also the “Day of the Book” and of roses.