Do you want to learn Catalan?

Basic and beginner levels

  • Online guides

    Online guides

    Level: Beginners

    Aims: To help with first contact and to facilitate personal relations.

    Skills: Comprehension of the language.

    Mode of study: Online and paper format

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  • Guides in app format

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  • SpeakCat


    Level: Basic - Elementary

    Aims: To discover the basic grammar and vocabulary of the Catalan language along with practical aspects of everyday university life.

    Skills: Comprehension of the language.

    Mode of study: Online

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  • Gràcies Programme. Introduction to Catalan

    Gràcies Programme. Introduction to Catalan

    Level: Basic

    Skills: Oral and written comprehension

    Mode of study: Classroom learning

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  • Romanica Intercom

    Romanica Intercom

    Level: Acquisition of level A1 oral comprehension and between B1 and B2 written comprehension.

    Aims: : To develop independence in the reading of general texts in Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and French in a very short time, between 30 and 40 hours, developing reading strategies that enable the rapid use of linguistic bridges between the different Romance languages.

    Skills: Reading comprehension of four Romance languages.

    Mode of study: Online

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  • FontdelCat


    Level: Basic

    Aims: To develop comprehension of spoken and written Catalan.

    Skills: Comprehension of spoken and written Catalan.

    Mode of study: Online

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    Level: Basic - Elementary - Intermediate - Competence

    Aims: To publicise educational resources, tools and materials linked to the teaching and learning of the Catalan language.

    Skills: From understanding simple texts and writing short texts using basic vocabulary, to the comprehension of texts with a specific line of argument on various subjects, oral fiction texts, the oral outlining of arguments in formal situation and the correct production of texts with a line of argument that are coherent, cohesive and appropriate for the communication situation.

    Mode of study: Free: the course allows fully independent study as the materials are free access.
    With tutor: students are supported in their learning by a tutor. There is a fee for this mode of study.

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  • <em>Class-Talk UPC</em>

    Class-Talk UPC

    Level: Intermediate

    Aims: To aid comprehension of the phraseology frequently used in university classrooms in Catalan, Spanish and English.

    Skills: Comprehension and production of oral and written expressions common to the educational environment.

    Mode of study: Online.

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