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Catalan is the standard language used in administrative and teaching activities at Catalan universities.


"I really enjoy learning Catalan so that I can integrate into Catalan society and so that I can speak to my neighbours and friends more easily. I am doing a master's degree in Telecommunications and I would really like to defend my final project in Catalan, not only because it is a challenge for me but also because I really like the language and I like communicating with Catalans in their own language."

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SpeakCat is a Catalan course set in the university context, with exercises and activities to help students discover the basic grammar and vocabulary of the language. It also contains exercises and activities related to practical aspects of everyday university life.

The course consists of 10 units. It provides a dictionary, a list of abbreviations, a grammar table and a personal assistant.



Basic - Elementary


To discover the basic grammar and vocabulary of the Catalan language along with practical aspects of everyday university life.

Target group:

Particularly aimed at foreign students.


Comprehension of the language.

Mode of study:


Course drawn up by the University of Girona with the collaboration of the other Catalan universities and the Secretariat for Universities and Research.
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