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The majority of citizens in Catalonia are fluent in its two official languages, Catalan and Spanish. (The third official language is Occitan, known as Aranese in the Aran Valley.)


"To open up my ears and my mind, going beyond words. To understand what is and what is not a country or a language or a border. And more than anything else, to have fun."

Language exchange

Romanica Intercom

A resource based on the Eurom4 focus (a joint project of four European universities) that aims to help students learn to read in four new languages simultaneously (Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian or French). The whole learning process is based on the linguistic baggage that we automatically have as mother tongue speakers of one of these Romance languages and on the closely related nature of the languages themselves.



Acquisition of level A1 oral comprehension and between B1 and B2 written comprehension.


: To develop independence in the reading of general texts in Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and French in a very short time, between 30 and 40 hours, developing reading strategies that enable the rapid use of linguistic bridges between the different Romance languages.

Target group:

Aimed at anyone who wants to teach according to this focus and who is prepared to learn independently.


Reading comprehension of four Romance languages.

Mode of study:


Compiled by the Language Services of the University of Barcelona, with the support of the former Ministry of Universities, Research and the Information Society.
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