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Of the13.5 million people that live in a Catalan-speaking environment, over 9 million speak the language and 11 million understand it.


"I understand perfectly that I'm living somewhere where the people speak Catalan and not just Spanish. And I like being able to surprise people with the fact that although I'm foreign, I speak their language and I want to learn about their culture."

Language exchange

A space providing a training course organised into four levels and two modes of study. The site contains videos, audio material, games, animated activities, etc. It also provides a glossary, transcripts, assistants and a space with recreational and cultural content. By the time he or she has completed the courses, the student will have attained the knowledge required to sit the official exams organised by the Language Policy Secretariat, which are sat in person.



Basic - Elementary - Intermediate - Competence


To publicise educational resources, tools and materials linked to the teaching and learning of the Catalan language.

Target group:

Aimed at people working as Catalan teachers and anyone interested in learning the language.


From understanding simple texts and writing short texts using basic vocabulary, to the comprehension of texts with a specific line of argument on various subjects, oral fiction texts, the oral outlining of arguments in formal situation and the correct production of texts with a line of argument that are coherent, cohesive and appropriate for the communication situation.

Mode of study:

Free: the course allows fully independent study as the materials are free access.
With tutor: students are supported in their learning by a tutor. There is a fee for this mode of study.

Compiled by the Language Policy Secretariat of the Government of Catalonia, the Institut Ramon Llull and the Consortium for Linguistic Normalization.
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