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Are you new in Catalonia? Or are you Catalan and about to go and study in a university abroad?

Wherever you are from and wherever you are going, we want you to enjoy the experience and to make the most of every moment of your time there. To help you, we provide the University Conversation Guide, an excellent tool that will help you to feel confident in all of the different communication situations you may find yourself in.

The conversation guides contain everything from the most frequently used expressions to the most practical language resources to help you find accommodation or request any procedure you need from public or commercial services.

  • Level:


  • Aims:

    To help with first contact and to facilitate personal relations.

  • Target group:

    Particularly aimed at foreign students.

  • Skills:

    Comprehension of the language.

  • Mode of study:

    Online and paper format

The conversation guides are bilingual and are adapted to the university environment.

If you are studying in another part of Spain, you will also find a multilingual guide in all the official languages: Catalan - Spanish - Aranese - Basque - Galician.

Choose your version:

  • Català - castellano - aranés - euskara - galego
  • German - Catalan
  • Berber - Catalan
  • English - Catalan
  • Arabic - Catalan
  • Spanish - Catalan
  • French - Catalan
  • Greek - Catalan
  • Italian - Catalan
  • Japanese - Catalan
  • Dutch - Catalan
  • Polish - Catalan
  • Portuguese - Catalan
  • Russian - Catalan
  • Chinese - Catalan
  • Aranese - Catalan
  • Hebrew - Catalan

All the guides include a basic dictionary that you are bound to find useful.

Enjoy the experience!

This is reference material, available in an electronic version and a print edition.

Compiled by the Language Services of the University of Barcelona, with the support of the Secretariat for Universities and Research of the Ministry of Economy and Knowledgement.