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The media in the Catalan-speaking area normally use Catalan.


"I understand perfectly that I'm living somewhere where the people speak Catalan and not just Spanish. And I like being able to surprise people with the fact that although I'm foreign, I speak their language and I want to learn about their culture."

Language exchange

I'm learning Catalan

Do you want to learn Catalan? We make it easy for you! With your effort and our help, you can do it. We provide you with a series of courses, guides and activities that will let you attain your goal.

In addition, we will tell you how you can obtain an official certificate in the Catalan language and will show you the resources that exist for you to stay in contact with Catalan from outside Catalonia.

There's no excuse. Speak Catalan!


Conversation guides

Conver­sation guides

Available for smartphones in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Aranese and Hebrew.
Available online in Basque, Galician, Aranese, Greek, Arabic, Berber, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Polish and Hebrew.

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Basic Catalan course

An online Catalan survival course aimed specifically at foreign students and set in a university context. Take a look!

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Do a made-to-measure course offers four levels to help you learn Catalan in the easiest possible way.

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Have fun with Catalan!

FontdelCat, an online application containing dialogues, monologues, games, videos and a variety of activities for improving your comprehension of both the spoken and written language.

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Take notes!

With the TextOral classroom-based courses, you will learn the specific terms used in your course.

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Optimise your linguistic and communication skills independently using the multimedia materials provided.

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If you are a mobility student, this is the app for you

The universities recommend

International students at the UB are on the move

Visita al refugi antiaeri de la plaça del Diamant

Next activity: Barcelona 7/3/2017

Join them!

Have you got a language exchange partner? Would you like to go out with your partner and other UPF students?

Visita al turó de la Rovira, al turó del Carmel i al Parc Güell + esmorzar internacional de fi de trimestre

Next activity: Barcelona 11/3/2017

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Do you know what this is?

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi

Patron saint of Catalonia, a fact that is celebrated on 23 April. The day of Sant Jordi (Saint George) is also the “Day of the Book” and of roses.